Pros and cons of using a private driving instructor when learning to drive

Pros and cons of using a private driving instructor when learning to drive

If you have been considering hiring a private driving instructor to help you learn how to drive, there are pros and cons to doing so.

Read on to find out what they are, as considering all of them will help you make the right choice for your needs.

Cons of hiring a private driving instructor — One of the cons related to hiring a private driving instructor to teach you how to drive can be that each lesson is more expensive than it would be through a driving school. This means the cost of learning to drive could be more than you expected to pay.

Another con is that a private driving instructor only has himself to teach all of his students. This may mean you may have to wait to be able to begin taking lessons until one of his students has passed their driving test.

Overall, however, there are very few cons to hiring a private driving instructor over using a driving school, and a lot more pros to doing so.

Pros of hiring a private driving instructor — One of the biggest pros is that you get tailored, personalized instruction that you will not usually get from a driving school. By doing this, a private driving instructor is able to concentrate on your weaknesses, rather than following a prescribed syllabus, thus making you a better driver overall.

Another pro is that, even though it may seem as though it is more expensive to hire a private driving instructor, you will usually need less lessons. This is because a private instructor zeroes in on the things you need to learn and does not bother with the things you do not. This is unlike a driving school, where they will stick to a syllabus. A syllabus that means you will waste time on learning things you do not need.

It is also generally easier to schedule lessons that fit into your schedule with a private driving instructor. Unlike a driving school, a private instructor does not usually have set lesson times, so that means you can often learn in the evening or on weekends.

Self-employed, private driving instructors tend to care more about their students as well. That is because they have often gone into this line of work as a vocation, and so love what they do.

Choose to learn with a private school, however, and you are often nothing more than a number with an instructor that is just teaching you so he gets paid.

Should you choose a school or a private driving instructor? — Unless you are short of cash, and trying to go the cheapest route possible, it is almost always better to hire a private instructor instead.

If you do, you will usually learn faster, you will enjoy your lessons more and you will be taught how to drive depending on your weaknesses. The latter alone will ensure you come out of the experience a much better driver than when you started, and a safer one on the road.

Fixing a Broken Garage Door: To Do it Yourself, or Not To Do it Yourself

When your garage door breaks, it is an issue that you will definitely want to resolve as quickly as possible. After all, your valuable Christmas decorations, and not to mention your car, are very important to you and could be pricey to replace. More importantly, you and your family’s safety could be at risk. A broken garage door is certainly a safety hazard. Equally terrifying, if you have an attached garage, and the door is broken or unsecure, any unwanted guest may invite themselves in.

Do it Yourself Vs. Hiring a Professional

There are so countless do it yourself shows, videos, and blogs out, that can fool even the most un-handy person into believing that they can do it all. A great number of us believe we can do anything after watching a few YouTube videos and making a run to the local hardware store. However, with something as important as a garaged door, you may want to think twice before you attempt to fix it yourself, no matter how handy that you think you may be, this is one project that ought be left up to the professionals, like
garage door repair lincoln ne. First and foremost, consider your safety. Essentially, the average garage door is about 400 pounds and operated by a metal spring called a torsion and pulley system. The force and energy used to move that heavy door up and down is great and if somehow a limb or other body part got in the way whilst in operation, or it somehow malfunctions, a horrific injury could be the result. It is impossible to be certain of the safety when you go it alone when you have not had proper training as opposed to hiring a professional.

What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Even when following a step by step guide, a minor mistake is still possible. What may be perceived as minor may, in fact be critical, and actually exemplify your garage door problem. Not only could you possibly create worse problem that will cost you more money in the long run, you may also void out any warranty that you may have had on the garage door.
Aside from financial woes that may occur from attempting to fix your own garage door, you could also be putting your belongings and your safety at risk. Something miniscule that may not be noticeable to you, or that you think will go unnoticed by others, such as a gap between your door and the ground, could be an opportunity for a thief or an intruder to gain access to your home. All could be avoided by simply calling a professional to fix your garage door instead of doing it yourself.

What Can You Do?

If you absolutely feel compelled do something yourself, perhaps consider routine maintenance and other preventative measures to avoid a broken or malfunctioning garage door. Clearing debris from the tracks and making sure all parts are well oiled monthly is a sure way to help keep your garage door in excellent shape.

In addition, you can check out youtube for further tips on how to maintain your garage and fix small issues, like cracking noises:

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