Locked Out Of Your Car? Don’t Call 911, Call A Locksmith

//Locked Out Of Your Car? Don’t Call 911, Call A Locksmith

With everything that’s going on in the world today, more and more people have been trying to juggle the daily routines of their lives as they try to keep track of everything they need to get through the day. In the midst of this, it’s normal to forget a few things. We all make mistakes, especially when we are constantly on the go. It’s easy to get out and lock your vehicle, only to realize that you left the key on your seat.


Remain Calm

Being locked out of your car can cause a certain degree of panic, as to which we instantly call the wrong people for help. Therefore, it’s important that if you find yourself in this predicament that you should control your emotions and go through reasonable options.


Option 1 – Break Into Your Vehicle

One of the options you may be thinking about is to break into your vehicle. While this may provide the fastest path for you to get your keys back, it could end up causing you hundreds of dollars. In addition to damaging your car, you may cause small splinters of glass to become lodged in several areas of your car’s seat and carpet. This can prove to be especially harmful for you, pets and small children in particular.


Option 2 – Call 911

Many people have called the police because they believe that this may be the best option they can use. In some instances, they may be able to help you unlock your car. In others, they may only be able to retrieve it, if you give them permission to break your windows, which brings you right back to square one. In most cases however, they will call a tow truck to help you get it. The problem with this is that if the tow truck company cannot fix the issue on site, they will tow your vehicle a way, and you will be responsible for paying that service. Most experts agree that you should only call the police if you believe that you are in danger.


Option 3- Dealership

If you have a key-fob, chances are that you may feel your only option is to go to the dealer. The dealer may require that you bring the vehicle on a flatbed. And, replacing your key through the dealer can be especially expensive if you have a more modern model.


Option 4-Locksmith

It’s a well-known fact that locksmiths are responsible for providing services to building owners. But did you know they can replace car keys, car key fobs and provide help you to unlock your car without damaging it? By contacting an auto locksmith and providing basic information such as the make and model of your car and your location, they can send a professional to assist you as soon as possible.