Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers on the Market

//Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers on the Market

You get a lot of advantages by owning a truck. However, the items that you have in the bed are always going to be unprotected from the elements. Because of this, you may want to invest in a good tonneau cover. With a tonneau cover, your truck bed will have a nice cover that provides access and protection. They are available as a hard or soft cover and easily roll up when not in use.


Listed below, we have the 3 best tonneau truck bed covers that money can buy.


  1. The Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau by Tyger


This tri-fold tonneau is as smooth and soft as you are going to get for any and all truck styles.


Made of vinyl, it is very strong, marine-grade, and dual coated. Its design is low key so your truck will always look like it is fresh out of the factory. It also has a seal that will keep the contents dry.


Installation is simple and just about all truck beds make a good fit with no slack.


Other than keeping the truck bed dry, it is also able to improve the trucks aerodynamic design and improve your trucks overall MPG. Although there is no true way to prove that, Tyger does state that fuel use will be decreased.


  1. The Speed Daddy


This tri-fold cover integrates protective methods, simple use, and purpose in order to provide a great truck bed cover. With this Speed Daddy, you get a design that boasts three layers. The first layer is nice and thick and made of reinforced plastic fibers; the second layer are tubes made of strong polypropylene, and then a third layer with more fiber plastic that is reinforced. Besides protecting the contents, this cover is able to withstand over 325 lbs. of weight.


The best part is that this tri-fold’s price tag is a lot less than you would think as compared to others on the market. So, you get a lot for the fraction of the cost.


  1. The Truxedo TruXport


With this roll-up tonneau it has many similarities to other tonneau covers for truck, except for the fact that this design enables it to be rolled instead of being folded separately.


By rolling it up, the cover can maintain partial exposure and protection while driving and not needing to take it off if you transport items that are tall or bulky.


Installation is simple and no tools are needed. It takes less than 15 minutes to apply and consists of strong vinyl. It includes extra latches that provide more safety and reliability for entry into the bed.


Its design is very slim and looks good on any and all beds and will be hardly noticed by other drivers.