Facilities Offered at the One Normanton Park

Normanton Park is an incredible project to say little. Everybody will want to have a view of the upcoming park. Much of it is complete and I can the facilities are more than one can imagine. You can’t get enough of this park.

Checking at the plan the project will be the top launch of 2021. Below are the facilities you will find at One Normanton Park.

Commercial Units

As you are at the main entrance, you will see a line of eight commercial units. These units can be regarded as plus units, but they are a real advantage to the project. There are amazing shops that will be difficult for a year to pass without them being fully occupied. The grocery store will be a major advantage to the residents. The area has few developed amenities of such level given the size and development level of the park. When the Normanton will be fully occupied, there is no surprise the grocery will have a major role to the occupants.

Recreational Facilities

The first recreational amenity is a 50m lap pool. Most people use the pool as a relaxing and bonding facility. Normanton developers were certain of that idea and they did not disappoint in it. It is edged by a wide pool deck. The plan has different swimming pools for kids and adults. Close to the pool is a Botanical Lawn (a greensward with various seating pods). The scene is made beautiful by a Feature Courtyard located on the left side. There is a super gym just next to the pool, though the gym is not as big as one could imagine because of the large size of the park. Besides that, a Fitness Pavilion is available which will serve fitness enthusiasts. However, the fitness facility is also small compared to the clients who will occupy the units. For lovers of sports, there are tennis and basketball courts.

Residential Units

Designers didn’t disappoint on the residential units. The blocks are projected to be 19 meters above the ground. The residential plan gives every residence a semblance view of the beautiful scenery. The upper floors will have a nice view of both internal and internal surroundings. People in blocks facing Kent Ridge Park will have an added advantage. The park is one of the little and beautiful parks in Singapore. The developers will be praised for the idea of constructing the project close to Kent Ridge, giving residents a free tour. These blocks are full of benefits as they are close to the bus stage.


One Normanton Park is arguably a project that will make news once launched. It will attract clients because of the facilities in it. They have everything customers will desire either residential or commercial.

Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers on the Market

You get a lot of advantages by owning a truck. However, the items that you have in the bed are always going to be unprotected from the elements. Because of this, you may want to invest in a good tonneau cover. With a tonneau cover, your truck bed will have a nice cover that provides access and protection. They are available as a hard or soft cover and easily roll up when not in use.


Listed below, we have the 3 best tonneau truck bed covers that money can buy.


  1. The Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau by Tyger


This tri-fold tonneau is as smooth and soft as you are going to get for any and all truck styles.


Made of vinyl, it is very strong, marine-grade, and dual coated. Its design is low key so your truck will always look like it is fresh out of the factory. It also has a seal that will keep the contents dry.


Installation is simple and just about all truck beds make a good fit with no slack.


Other than keeping the truck bed dry, it is also able to improve the trucks aerodynamic design and improve your trucks overall MPG. Although there is no true way to prove that, Tyger does state that fuel use will be decreased.


  1. The Speed Daddy


This tri-fold cover integrates protective methods, simple use, and purpose in order to provide a great truck bed cover. With this Speed Daddy, you get a design that boasts three layers. The first layer is nice and thick and made of reinforced plastic fibers; the second layer are tubes made of strong polypropylene, and then a third layer with more fiber plastic that is reinforced. Besides protecting the contents, this cover is able to withstand over 325 lbs. of weight.


The best part is that this tri-fold’s price tag is a lot less than you would think as compared to others on the market. So, you get a lot for the fraction of the cost.


  1. The Truxedo TruXport


With this roll-up tonneau it has many similarities to other tonneau covers for truck, except for the fact that this design enables it to be rolled instead of being folded separately.


By rolling it up, the cover can maintain partial exposure and protection while driving and not needing to take it off if you transport items that are tall or bulky.


Installation is simple and no tools are needed. It takes less than 15 minutes to apply and consists of strong vinyl. It includes extra latches that provide more safety and reliability for entry into the bed.


Its design is very slim and looks good on any and all beds and will be hardly noticed by other drivers.


3 Reasons to buy a replica watch

Favorable Price

Replica watches go for a lower price than the original watches. There are numerous replica companies that produce nice replica watches that will serve you for quite a long while and ensure you get as close an experience as to the real watches. The original watches are often pricey, and you may find yourself in a position that you cannot afford them. As a watch fanatic, this is a good deal worth not throwing away. Ensure you source the right replicas because there are other replicas in the market that are not verified and may make you regret your decision. The companies that make affordable replica watches that are close to the original ones are registered and work tirelessly to provide the best replicas in the market. Also, as you will spend quite a lower amount on the replica, you may use the rest of the money investing in other materials.


Quality and Trend

As mentioned earlier, the replica companies work towards producing the best replicas for watch lovers to enjoy at an affordable price. Replica watches are often of high quality, and many watch lovers cannot be able to tell whether they are replicas or not. The replicas come with a sense of fashion and ensure to give the same feeling an original watch would have given you. Replica watches are available in numerous stalls all over the country. However, you need to be vigilant not to buy a really fake watch in the name of a replica watch. Since replicas come at a lower price, you can purchase several replica watches and rock them to several events or appearances. This will make you look trendy with quality watches on your wrist. Their trendy and quality look should be one of the reasons you should go for 레플리카 watches.


Replicas Come in Variety

There are numerous replicas in the market for you to choose from. Replica watches come at a low price. Therefore, you can choose to have different brands of replicas and enjoy their brand name. Also, as you wear a replica, you are in a way helping the specific brand in getting out there and reach numerous clients. They feel so close to the original watches that they give you a feeling of satisfaction while you wear them. It is also very important to examine the watches and ensure they are correct replicas and not mere imitations that are really fake. If you do not have the experience, you can consult the help of an expert in determining the best replica varieties in the market. This is to help you get a replica that is well worth your money. The above are the reasons why you should go for a replica watch.

Why Buy A Dwarf Key Lime Tree?

A Dwarf Key Lime Tree Is A Very Small Lime Tree

If you think it would be fun to grow some fruit, then citrus trees are something to consider. A dwarf key lime tree is very small and easy to care for, and yet it gives off a good amount of limes. You can get the tree when it is already matured and producing fruit so that you won’t have to wait around to taste what you can get off of it, and you will greatly enjoy the limes that it produces. Key limes are unique in that they are sweeter than the average lime, and yet they still have a great citrus flavor.

Here is a great care video we found on youtube:

Dwarf Trees Can Be Kept In The House

If you want to keep a tree in your house and you have a good place for it where it will get plenty of sunlight, then you can get a dwarf tree so that it will fit well in there. Even when a dwarf key lime tree is as many as five years old, it will still be about five feet at the tallest and plenty small to sit in your home. You can get a nice pot for the tree and put it anywhere you think that it needs to be. This type of tree is a bit bushy but not too big, and it will fit well in your home. You could also put it outside if you live in the right climate, and you are going to enjoy looking at it wherever you put it.


The Dwarf Key Lime Tree Is A Pretty Tree To Have Around

When you not only want to make sure that you will get fruit from the tree that you buy, but you also want to know that it will be pretty and something you can enjoy all of the time because of how it looks, then a key lime tree is a great one to choose. One of the best things about this type of tree is the way it looks when it starts to blossom. The tree gets filled with little, white flowers, and it looks gorgeous. The flowers then turn into little limes, and it is enjoyable to watch them grow and mature. Everyone interested in a tree for their house can consider a dwarf key lime tree because it is easy to have around, and it is pretty. No matter where they keep it, whether they want it to be a house plant or they put it somewhere in the yard, they need to care for it well so that it will produce limes year after year.

Top 4 hooded blankets for 2019

If you are in the market for a comfortable hoodie for the upcoming cold weather, let me introduce you to hooded blankets. Hooded blankets give you all the benefits a regular hoodie would give you, but it also allows you to be comfortable to the maximum. This winter, fight the cold with hooded blankets instead of regular hoodies. Here are the top 4 hooded blankets for 2019.


If you are looking for a soft hoodie, you can shop at Amazon and find a few different options available. Find a thick hoodie that is made of cotton and fleece and you will have the exact hooded blanket that you are looking for. It will be comfortable enough to wear around the house and to wear when you go out with friends or to go shopping. Now let’s get into the rest of the list.


Hooded Fleece and Sherpa Throw. This hooded blanket is the thing you need to keep you warm during those cold winter nights. They make it from Polyester and the measurements are about 50 x 70, making it a one size fits all. They set the regular sales price at around $15 US Dollars, but it is currently on sale for about $11 dollars. If this hooded blanket interests you at all, you should act fast before the sale is done.


There are a lot of hooded blankets out there, but it’s hard to find the best one. I hope I helped you on your search by giving you the best I could find, and I hope that you pick a hooded blanket that will keep you and your family warm this winter season.


The Huggle is next on the list. This hooded blanket is just that, a hooded blanket. It goes over you like a robe and it keeps you warm and cozy from your head to your knees. The best part about this hooded blanket is that it comes with full sleeves so your arms stay warm, it has pockets, and it’s reversible. This is the blanket hoodie of everyone’s dreams. It’s regular price is $30 dollars, but it’s on sale for about $20 dollars right now.


Last, we have The Comfy. This hooded blanket for adults costs about $40 dollars but the price is worth it. It fits men, women, and children, making it easy to shop for the family. It comes in a few different colors such as Blue, Burgundy, Pink, and Grey. The insides of each Comfy is white, and they are made of Sherpa and Polyester. This Comfy will provide you a comfy and cozy way of remaining warm this winter.