The best renovation company in Rome

//The best renovation company in Rome

Finding the right renovation contractor is difficult all over the world. After all, there are horror stories across the internet of renovation companies who do shoddy service.

But what if you are a foreigner in Rome?

The choice is that much harder.

But fortunately, if you want a good reliable renovation company there is a solution in Primehouse.

PrimeHouse’s mantra is: “We work quickly, on schedule, and within budget.”

Many people turn to Primehouse, a complete contractor with experience in demolition and construction, floorwork, painting, glassware and fittings, custom woodwork on stairs, doors, and windows, kitchen remodels, and more.

Primehouse has been in business for years and not only offer homeowners a guarantee of professionalism, and a complete turnkey renovation experience, but they can also be of great assistance to financing the project as well as obtaining critical tax credits.

Many homeowners do not know that in an attempt to boost the Italian economy after the COVID-19 Pandemic, that there are tremendous tax credits now being offered by the Italian Government when you renovate.

This means now, more than ever, is an important time to think about your renovation.

Naturally, as a local business partner, they have a great portfolio of designs that they have previously worked on in the Rome Area, and they have designers on-site to help make your renovation plans a reality.


According to them they have plenty of local references. Call these folks up. They will be glad to recommend you use Primehouse as your renovation company.

Quite naturally, we provide all of our customers with free estimates. We are fully certified by the Italian government, and we carry millions of euros worth of insurance.

Many of our workmen have been with us for decades, and each new hire goes through an intensive training program to be sure they are thoroughly trained to do the job right.

And we have the most meticulous of supervisors to be sure that not only is every Primehouse project completed with excellence but that workers diligently apply themselves at all times on the job.

We pay our workmen well, and in return, they take great pride in the work product that they turn out.

For our existing clients, we offer 24 hours per day, 7 days per week emergency services.

Primehouse is the perfect renovation company in Rome, or Ristrutturazioni Roma as the italians like to say, to manage and complete your restoration work, and we await your call to schedule an appointment with us to show you what we can do.