The Lowdown and the Upkeep of  Home Car Lifts

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Preliminary Considerations

Begin thinking about what kind of car lift you need before you design your new garage, since deciding which one is best for you will take some consideration. The decision of what kind of home car lift you can put can be much easier. If you are working with an already established size of the garage, which is difficult to change without spending thousands of dollars more, then you will be restricted to what kind of home car lift you can use. The good news is that there is home car lifts designed for all kinds of uses and all varieties of budgets and sizes of garages.

Kinds of Home Car Lifts

We look at the main kinds of car lifts and the pros and cons of each one. Below there is a list of each type of car lift. The home car lift is designed to help the home mechanic or hobbyist mechanic to be able to work or store their vehicle safely and effectively. As mentioned earlier depending upon someone’s budget. The table below is a range of prices for each type of car lift. Some of the costs range, depending upon the complexity, manufacturer, and materials each car lift is made.

Home Car Lift Price Ranges

  • Most expensive 4-Post $1900-6,000
  • Upper-Medium Expensive-Hydraulic Scissor $1700-4000
  • Medium Expensive-2-Post $1200-3000
  • Least Expensive-Kwik-lift $100-800

Varieties of Home Car Lifts

4-ole Car Lift

  • 4-Pole Home Car Lift-4-Pole Car Lift

2-Pole Car Lift

  • 2-Pole Home Car Lift-2-Pole Car Lift

Hydraulic Scissor Car Lift

  • Hydraulic Scissor Car Lift-Hydraulic Scissor Car Lift


  • Simple Quick Lift-Kwik-Lift

2 Pole or 4-Pole Home Car Lifts

The biggest decision a homeowner will make is to decide whether they will place their hoe car lift inside a garage or other building of utility or outside in the weather. If inside there is the advantage of having shelter from the elements throughout the year. The disadvantage of having a car lift inside is the limited space you have to work on multiple cars at once. If space doesn’t limit the homeowner and they have more than enough room to place the other cars of his car lifts, while another maintenance is done, then inside has its advantages. However, many smaller businesses, who work on cars, but are smaller businesses would be limited and could still use a Quick Lift or Hydraulic Scissor lift, while being able to move the lifts around his shop. Read more on portable car lifts for home garage by clicking the link.

Level Hydraulic or Kwik-Lift

The last two kinds of home car lifts can be used inside or outside and have portable than the 2-pole or 4-pole home car lift. The Qwik Lift is both economical and movable. It had the advantage of being of great utility in a shop as well as in a home garage. The Quik-Lift home car lift is limited in its capacity to lift more than one car at a time, but it has enough maneuverability to make it more practical for smaller businesses.

Final Word

There are many companies which provide the manufacturing details on each kind of car lift. Some vendors are local while others have a long history and are international home car lift manufacturers.