Tips for using an acrylic nail kit

//Tips for using an acrylic nail kit

There are always different techniques and tips for doing anything a little better than before. Here are some tips that have been learned and shared by people who have done it before all of us and have paved the way to making a better nail.


Base Coating:

Whenever we are applying acrylic nails to our real nails we are always applying an adhesive to our real nails in order for the acrylic nail to be secure enough to not break from our normal daily life. By simply applying a Base Coat layer on your real nails can protect the integrity of your nails and increase their longevity.



Buffing is an important process for increasing the longevity of your nails and nail polish. Buffing is an essential “sanding down of the nail” process, that creates a rigid surface for the glue, and acrylic to adhere to the nail bed, which helps to prevent moisture from getting trapped under the nailbed and eventually disrupt the integrity of the nails adhesion. This applies both to the nail and nail polish.


Wet Brush Application:

This is a simple but necessary technique for applying a smooth acrylic finish. When applying acrylic nails, you are creating a nail out of acrylic powder. So the smoother the brush is the easier the application will be. This will ensure your chances for more of a natural nail finish.


Nail Tips:

Most woman’s natural nail isn’t long enough to an acrylic nail over, at least to the size of their liking. Growing long natural nails is something that woman have always had a hard time doing. So one tip, (no pun intended) is to install nail tips. These are very small life-like tips that you glue down on to the edge of your natural nail. This gives more of a platform for you to build on when creating an acrylic nail. The more surface that you have to build on the easier it is to create.


The Natural Nail:

The other side of the nail tip spectrum would be the natural nail. When you don’t have the time or the money or even desire to used nail tips, then you can grow your natural nail out for the acrylic to build on. When trying to grow out your natural nail it’s very important to watch your nail as it grows. The shape as it grows plays a huge role in its health and survival through the growing process. Taking the wrong shape will only lead to cracked nails and having to file and shave them down which in return will force you to lose your much need length. Find out what works for you, but I’ve found that the square shape of a nail seems to work better than most!


When it comes to your nails, you are your own keeper. Every woman is different so it is up to you to find out what works best for you. These are just some tricks and tips, shared by the woman who has done this for a long time and has found that these are some good tools to use when doing your nails with a kit uñas de gel . They can save you time, money and energy which in return can be put into other areas of our life because there is more than one way to look fabulous!