What are the advantages of using Merrick dog food over other brands?

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If you have been told to switch to a better brand of dog food by your vet, or have just decided to do so yourself, you may be considering switching to Merrick dog food.

What are the advantages of using Merrick dog food over other brands, though, and is it really a better option for your beloved pet?

Handmade recipes — Merrick uses recipes for their dog food that were formulated over many years of testing and from handmade recipes.

Instead of using food that is based on scientific formulas or that include artificial ingredients, they manufacture all of their dog foods from exceptionally high quality, whole food ingredients.

This means when your dog eats Merrick dog food, he is eating one of the highest quality foods on the market.

Whole food recipes — Merrick also creates food that is made from whole food ingredients. This means when you serve your dog Merrick food, it is eating real meat, fruits, vegetables and other whole foods.

The chicken and meat they use is also debone meat, and that means your dog will get a higher percentage of protein than it would receive from other dog foods.

By giving your dog Merrick foods, you are also ensuring he gets the balanced nutrition many other foods leave out.

Grain-free — If your dog has any allergies that can be traced to grain, most Merrick dog foods are also grain-free.

This means you can safely give your dog Merrick food at any time, and not have to worry about his allergies becoming worse or him getting sick.

Merrick dog food does not include soy or corn — Just like humans, dogs can also be sensitive or allergic to ingredients like soy and corn.

This is why Merrick makes sure neither of these ingredients is present in any of their dog foods.

Organically certified foods — Many Merrick foods are also created with organic ingredients and are then certified as such.

If you do not want your pet to be served pesticides and other chemicals along with his food, then choosing this type of dog food will help ensure he is not.

No colors, additives or sweeteners — For the purest dog food on the market today, you cannot go wrong if you buy Merrick.

None of the many products they sell include artificial colors, additives or sweeteners.

Instead they make sure their food tastes delicious to your dog, while also looking like dog food, by adding specific whole foods to it.

These ingredients include things like organic potatoes and sweet potatoes, alfalfa, blueberries, salmon oil and flaxseed oil. These whole foods give your pet the nutrition it needs while also tasting great.