10 Tips to Becoming a Better Photographer

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 #10 Always have your camera at your side. You never know when an opportunity will arise for a perfect picture, so be sure to always have your camera handy.


#9 Remember the background. The background to any picture is important so always be sure to look behind whatever it is your taking a picture of.


#8 Pay attention to lighting. Some things are best at dusk and other dawn; so be sure to keep in mind what type of lighting your photo will be best shot in.


#7 Take your time. Never rush the perfect photo. If you feel you have to readjust 100 times than do exactly that. Rushing a perfect picture can cause glares, bad lighting and poor quality.


#6 Use your heart. Photographing something you love almost comes natural, which in return provides you with the perfect photo. Instead of searching for beauty in many things, search for it in what you love the most.


#5 Ask yourself why you chose photography. By asking yourself this question, it will help you figure out your passions so you can follow them to the perfect photo.


#4 Use what you have. Instead of stressing out about what you need to buy to get a better photo, start focusing on what you already have. This will teach you to work with what you have and you will find yourself taking better photographs. Dig into professional lenses and stuff later on.


#3 Let it all go. Instead of worry about the perfect photograph, start putting your mind towards what catches your eye more than most things and start searching for it.


#2 Think photography, not pictures. Once you come to terms with that fact that you are taking a photograph and not just a picture, you will start taking your time and appreciating your surroundings and what it has to offer you.


#1 Love. Before you even start a career or hobby in photography, be sure this is something you truly love and appreciate. It might turn into a real job (see localgrapher oahu for more information on where to find gigs) When you do not enjoy or love something, you will find yourself having a harder time finding something to photograph.