Proven Ideas for Using Custom Printed Stickers to Promote your Business

//Proven Ideas for Using Custom Printed Stickers to Promote your Business

As a business owner bringing in more business is essential if you want to expand. Marketing is so important to any company; coming up with new, and unique ideas is not always easy. Therefore, you sometimes have to stray from the same old marketing techniques. One way to do this is through custom stickers. Stickers, have been shown to be an effective marketing strategy for those looking to grow their business and get their company name out there. Read on for some ideas on how to use stickers to bring attention to your business. Another great thing about using custom stickers to promote your business is the cost. They are an inexpensive marketing option.

Bumper Stickers

Come up with an appealing and eye catching design and people will look. If you can make the sticker amusing or thought provoking, it will gain even more attention. In these days of social media, the right bumper sticker may even be posted to social media for even more exposure.

Add a Message to your Products

Add something extra to whatever you sell by including a customer sticker on the packaging. Use the sticker as a means to convey important information about the product, or use it to convey a message from you, the company owner. Perhaps a ‘thank you’, or short personal message.

Hand Outs at Events

Bumper stickers aren’t the only type of custom stickers. Consider setting up a table at a local fun run, or marathon. Hand out inexpensive water bottles, adorned with your custom stickers. You’ll be helping out by providing something that the participants can use, and those in attendance will see your name, and likely remember it.

Stickers can be made in all shapes and sizes, consider community events in your area, and then come up with a way to pass out your custom stickers.

Use them in Your Shop

Make sure to use some custom stickers on your door and windows. You can also leave some for customers to grab when they visit your shop. Again, if you can find a way to have a clever sticker created, people will want them and will happily grab one to take with them.

Leave Some in Other Local Shops

If you don’t have a building of your own, for example, if you run your business online or from your home, ask other local shops to leave some on the counter for customers to take. Often other businesses will be happy to help by doing this, as long as you’re not in competition with them for customers.

The above are just a few of the ways that you can use custom stickers to promote your business. Marketing doesn’t always have to be expensive and flashy to be successful. Marketing can be low key, like the custom sticker, and still get the attention of customers. Try out this low-cost marketing option to see what it does for you. Custom stickers are always a great way to get your name and message out there. To see available pricing and options, visit Vancouver Sticker Printing.