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Health is no doubt one of the best forms of wealth. Our body is the gift from God. We should take care of it as much as we look after the temples, churches, and mosques.  We should think of our bodies as the physical shell, which is taking us through life. In case, we are constantly abusing it with unhealthful food, this shell will soon be wearing out. You might look externally OKAY; however, internally your arteries and veins are getting blocked up with arterial plaque and cholesterol. This is surely not an attractive sight.

Good health is more than the exercise and healthy eating. This also involves having the sound mental health, healthy lifestyle, and healthy image of the self.  We are sharing with you the fun and healthy lifestyle tips in the following to keep you in healthy condition.

Stay Away from the Trigger Foods

This term “trigger foods” means the foods that turn you go binge and berserk like a crazy, following you have eaten them. The trigger foods vary from person to person; for instance, mine includes pastries, pasta, and donuts. However, in general, the trigger foods are those having high quantities of refined salt, sugar, flour, or fat. Such foods are likely to cause the imbalance of blood sugar and that is why they trigger us to eat more and more.

Breathe Deeply

Undoubtedly, Oxygen is essential for life. You know how to take the breath but whether you are breathing, as it should be is the question. Most people do not breathe correctly. They take shallow breathes i.e., breathe to one-third of their lungs capacity. However, a proper breath is the breath in which one’s lungs are filled completely, the shoulders movement is the minimum, and the abdomen expands.

Address Issues Related to Emotional Eating

Some people are emotional eaters. Emotional eating is the condition in which a person eats not to satisfy his hunger but to satisfy an emotion. They eat when either they are depressed and stressed out or they eat when they are happy and content. This type of eating makes them unsatisfied and unhappy because they are filling the wrong void. Food is unlikely to give us happiness and satisfaction as it only has to fill our stomach. This problem of emotional eating should be addressed and treated.

Live a Purposeful Life

Positive health originates from within. If you are not living a life aligned with your meaning or purpose, you are never likely to be contented or pleased. Hence, with the intention to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to listen to your personal calling and pursue it.

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