How a Fashion Girl Should Wear a Watch

//How a Fashion Girl Should Wear a Watch

For many years, only men’s watches dominated the market to the extent of having women using them. These timepieces were just subtle and plain designs bearing intense colors. However, demand for women’s watches grew, and for several years now, new styles have been popping up. The conventional women’s wristwatches have become a unique art, and now the style statement has come out boldly. Watch wearing is important and sensitive because they differ from casual to luxury options. Therefore, you can find different watches at whatever budget you have, and still, look outstanding. If on casual clothing, you should select a similar style, and the same case applies to luxury watches. The luxury watches are made of diamonds, gemstones, or gold.


Proper Wristwatch Wearing


The watch face should not be too big and should be within the relevant measurements. However, some women’s watches look cozy if they are larger. Having a watch with a face width of approximately 50mm is the ideal size that many women enjoy having. You must then determine the perfect wrist to wear the watch, even though no side is deemed perfect as far as you feel comfortable. However, the left wrist is conventionally used for watch wearing because many people use the right hand, and so no distractions will occur while working. Women are also advised to wear the watch beside the wrist bone. Therefore, the watch should not be seen while standing because the face is outside the ulna, and so covered by the shirt cuff for women wearing long-sleeve tops. Some women have slim wrists, and so the watch strap should fit properly to appear natural, not sloppy, and comfortable. Therefore, before buying the watch, you can adjust the band to fit the natural changes in the wrist size. Even though watches differ because they have different straps, you should not leave a shop before you feel the desired comfort.


Watch Selection


A good watch should match your shoes. Therefore, whatever dress you wear should match the watch and some shoes. When wearing some sneakers, a sports watch is appropriate. Casual watches can suit some boots, flip-flops, and you will look rocking. You can also determine an everyday option that even fits casual clothing. However, the choices you make must be durable and neutral because it is supposed to match whatever activities you do. Therefore, you can go to the workplace, attend social functions, and even run crucial errands. The stainless steel option is popular for sturdy watches, and they are made of cozy materials like rubber, plastic. always determine the formal events to ensure you select the perfect watch. You can feel comfortable in weddings, formal dinners, theater performances, christenings, and funerals.