How To Keep Unfinished Wood Floors Looking Their Best

//How To Keep Unfinished Wood Floors Looking Their Best

Unfinished woods are growing in popularity. Homeowners not only prefer the natural minimalist look, but the warm atmosphere that the floors provide. However, because they are unfinished, it takes a little bit of work to keep them looking their best. The following steps will assist you in maintaining your floor.

  1. Daily care

An unfinished wood floor needs to be attended to daily. It is important to remove the dirt and debris that has accumulated. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. If using a vacuum cleaner, be careful not to use any attachments that could scratch or damage the floor. Also, if you vacuum has a wood floor setting, use it – you can find many such vacuums on

  1. Stain removal

Unfinished floors are not protected from water and will stain easily. It is important to remove stains right away before they become permanent. To conquer the stains, use trisodium phosphate. Just place a small amount onto the stain and with a soft cloth or brush, rub the stain. Once the stain is gone, rinse the area and dry. It is important to get as much water out of the floor as possible. Your stain may be gone, but too much water will cause the floor to warp.

  1. A good deep clean

It is important to give your unfinished floor a deep clean. One way to do this is to use mineral spirits. Mineral spirits can bring out the grain and other features of the wood floor. It is important to be careful when using mineral spirits when cleaning. Though the cleaner is good for the floor, it’s harmful to you. It is important to be cleaning in a well ventilated room or where a mask for protection. To use mineral spirits, apply the cleaner to a cloth and rub. Once the floor is finished, it is important to make that there is no mineral spirits residue left behind.

  1. Vinegar

If using toxic chemicals to clean your floor does not appeal to you, that is fine there is an alternative that will clean your floor just as well and that is vinegar. A bottle of white vinegar will work well to clean stains and the entire floor. In a bucket at one cup vinegar to one gallon warm water. Mop the floor and let it dry. There is no rinsing needed, and the floor will dry quickly. It is important to keep pets and humans off the floor while it is drying. The vinegar will not harm them, it is safe for pets and humans. Their footprints, however, could ruin the look of the clean floor.