Kitchen Tools Every Cook Must Have In 2020

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High quality and reliable kitchenware are essential to every chef. It’s every chef’s dream to have kitchenware that fits all of their cooking needs. The following kitchenware is crucial and is a must in every kitchen. You won’t regret purchasing them. The only thing you’ll regret is not getting them earlier. For more kitchen tools, check out เครื่องครัว (yes, foreign kitchenware is highly popular these days!).


  • Food Processor

A food processor with disks/blades that are switchable is a top priority. You can do a lot of things with it, including shredding block cheese or even slicing stick pepperoni. A food processor can also be used to make mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc. You can also chop vegetables with it. These are just some of the many reasons you need a food processor. Kitchenaid is typically a highly recommended one.

  • Slow Cooker.

A slow cooker, also referred to as a crockpot, is another must-have. Using a slow cooker to cook roast helps with energy savings than using an oven. You can also use it to make something out of leftover vegetables and meats to make soup. It’s the easiest way to make your chicken and other crockpot dishes such as beans and soups. It cooks your meats entirely and makes it so tender.


  • Juicer.

If you don’t already own a juicer, then you should get one. It can be used to juice vegetables, squeeze lemons, lime, and oranges when you need them in various recipes. They save you the energy you would normally use to extract, and they remove much more juice than you would manage manually. It excludes the waste pulps and seeds also. Serving fresh juice is a life-changing experience you won’t want to the store-bought ones.


  • Metal or Plastic Colander.

A colander is essential in a kitchen, and as a cook, you should get one. It’s very efficient in draining french fries, pasta, and vegetables, among other things. It will save you the trouble of risking a burn injury from steam caused by using a lid to drain excess water.


  • Four-Sided Stainless Steel Grater.

This comes in handy when you need to grate your cheese and raw vegetables such as carrots, radishes, among others. You don’t use much muscle, and it’s also time-saving compared to using a knife.


  • Rubber Spatula.

Having at least three different sizes of rubber spatulas helps save money. You won’t waste food in the kitchen, for instance, when you need to get that last bit of mayonnaise in the house. They also come in very handy when spreading condiments either on a toasted sandwich or even bread. The job is done in just one swoop; it saves you time.


  • Airtight Food Storage Containers.

Storage containers help you organize all your foodstuffs like pasta, rice, snacks, dry baking ingredients, among others. They save you time and increase efficiency. Spotting what you need to cook is much easier and faster. Your kitchen will be more organized, and you’ll have fewer chances of creating a mess. They’re very affordable, and you won’t need to be concerned about breaking your pocket.