Reasons to Visit Croatia’s Blue Cave

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Where is the Blue Cave?

The blue cave Croatia! This cave is on Bisevo Island, which is closest to Split Island in the Southern part of Croatia. There is also a blue cave in the Northern part of Croatia, but it is not nearly as spectacular, nor is it a tourist destination. There is a facility built around the blue cave to make your visit more comfortable. There are several ways to get to the blue cave, but a speedboat tour is the fastest and most recommended one. These tours will take you not only to the blue cave, but to other beautiful sites in the area as well.


Blue Cave History

The blue cave has an interesting history, which is a great reason to visit. It was known only to locals until 1884, when it was shown to an explorer. Using dynamite, he blasted the entrance big enough for smaller boats to get through. News of the beautiful blue cave quickly spread and tourists from other European countries came to see the cave. In the early days of tourism, it was a common sight to see brass bands playing music on boats to entertain people waiting to enter the cave. Now, it is a huge tourist destination, with over 100,000 visitors every year!


A Beautiful Day on the Water

The most compelling reason to visit the blue cave is likely just the sheer beauty of it all. It has inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of artists over the years with its natural beauty. In addition, tours headed to the blue cave stop at other locations on the way as well, making it an even more exciting day. Other than the blue cave, most tours stop at the beautiful beach of Stiniva on Vis Island, as well as the Blue Lagoon on Budikovac Island. They also often stop at Hvar town, which is a historic, oceanside community on an island on the way to the blue cave.