What are the differences between AR10 vs AR15 rifles?

//What are the differences between AR10 vs AR15 rifles?

Choosing a rifle for the first time usually takes quite a bit of research on the part of the new gun owner before they are able to choose the right rifle for their needs.

Many eventually narrow down their choices to between the AR10 and the AR15 rifle. Both rifles are similar, but there are some important differences that can impact how you are able to use the rifle you buy.

The weight of each rifle — While both rifles are lightweight, the AR15 is generally lighter than the AR10 depending on how each rifle is set up.

In most cases, however, you will discover the AR15 is between one and two pounds lighter than the AR10. This makes the AR15 perfect for a teenager, a woman or someone who is slight in build. You can read more about the weight differences on https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/


The best tactical rifle — If you plan on using the rifle you buy for tactical exercises, the AR15 is generally the better choice.

This is due to the longer barrel on the AR10 making it much too difficult to use in tactical situations.


The best rifle for big game hunting — While both rifles can be used in big game hunting, the AR10 has a big advantage.

This is due to its larger caliber bullets being able to stop a charging animal much faster and more accurately than the AR15.

This is why most hunters will use an AR10 for big game hunting, and an AR15 for hunting smaller prey or for taking care of pest control.


Accuracy at longer range — The AR10 also has a distinct advantage when it comes to firing from a longer range.

It is a far more accurate weapon in long range shooting than is the AR15. Again, this is why so many big game hunters choose it.

If you are looking for a weapon that is easy to shoot and accurate at short range, however, the AR15 is an easy choice.


The price of each rifle — While both rifles tend to be on the more affordable end of the market, the AR15 usually comes in at a lower price.

Much of this is simply due to it being the most popular rifle on the market at the moment. That means more AR15s are made than AR10s, and that has allowed the price to stay quite affordable.


Access to replacement parts — When many people buy a rifle for the first time, the last thing they think about is having access to replacement parts. At some point, however, this will become important.

That is why some people choose the AR15 over the AR10 as replacement parts are far easier to find for the former rifle.

Replacement parts are available for both rifles, of course, but you may find yourself having to order online and then wait for parts to arrive if you buy the AR15.